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Welcome to burden's domicile

A little about me

Hey, hi! I’m a Software Engineer currently residing in Santa Barbara, CA. I have a strong background with start ups, and a proven record making the right decision using analytics.

What’s in a name?

I come from a time when the internet was anonymous, so if you’re a good friend of mine there’s a good chance that you met me as burden. Unlike a nickname, “burden” is self appointed; serving as a reminder to live sustainably. There is a finite amount of resources on this planet, and if you do not remain conscious of that, there might not be anything left for future generations to enjoy.

I’m unable to recall when I fully embraced a handle, but I can say with confidence that it happened before I was able to get in front of a computer.

Website History

I’ve been wrangling this website in one form or another on some host or another since 1998. I don’t even think I’m interesting, but I really enjoy tinkering with things and sharing. I look back on old iterations and realize that nothing’s changed.

In the past, this page has been hosted by Angelfire, Xoom, RedRival, and Freedom2surf. For years it was a simple static website, but then I began to get fancy with server-side includes and CGI scripts; finally requiring me to migrate onto a freebsd jail for hosting. Later virtualization happened, and PHP became a thing. At that point, I found myself on a stupidly expensive service that I can’t even recall the name of anymore. After virtualization matured, I tried, but that got too expensive. Shopped around and found Digital Ocean to be where it’s at!

Fat stacks, yo

Full circle, my objective with this latest iteration of was to adopt the KISS methodology– to see how far it could take me. I don’t know about you, but I’ve come to the conclusion that it’s overkill to generate a page dynamically. Then you find yourself having to rely on memcache to keep the database from working too hard. Too many gears to keep greased for what amounts to being a simple project like this.

The Backend

Keeping it simple, this site is good ol’ fashioned static HTML, with only a little bit of voodoo. jekyll / jekyll is my weapon of choice; which is a website generator. Think website compiler. You first have it create a generic site for you. Then you build out a better layout (or not). For creating content, you just write in markdown and save. If you’re trying to get creative, there’s Shopify / liquid as well. Finally, you build the site on the command line to get a fully functioning site.

It’s totally optional, but I like to rely on a git repository for revision control. As you’d imagine, your favorite source control manager can do the job as well.

The Frontend

Because default browser settings are a drag, I reset all styles using the infamous necolas / normalize.css

Jekyll already knows what to do with SASS, but I decided it’d be a good opportunity to sip on some thoughtbot / bourbon for some confidence.

I am a fan of grids so I’m taking my bourbon Neat. Incidentally, this is how I prefer to drink.

Cuz, y’know, perception is reality, I decided to dress up the usual elements with some bitters and even adopted a handful of Refills

Be Free!

Free, as in beer. This website is presented to you at my expense. I figure that’s the least I can do to say thank you for your time. I sincerely hope that you enjoy my ramblings as much as I do.

Free, as in speech It’s not that I was trying very hard, but I’m pretty sure that this website is brought to you entirely by open source software. From the operating system, all the way to the software stack, and even this website. Feel free to review the code: burden / burdendotcc