Launch notes 🎉

Jan 25, 2019 · 2 min

👋 Oh, hello again there stranger. Sure was a long time coming but I’m so glad you were able to make it to another launch party! How do you like the new digs?? Hit me up from the site footer until I get a contact form setup.

This time around I’ve made my site open source. Be sure to see Github if you’re interested in checking out what’s under the hood.

Make yourself at home

This latest ditches Bourbon in favor of Bulma for style. The primary color is a classic deep cyan. When you throw that cyan into a color wheel you get a yellow that reminds me of a ripe banana, which is sort of a thing for me that means “health is wealth”– a reminder of rougher seas long ago. For a font I chose Montserrat because it has a wonderful range of weights built for making walls of text easy to look at and I’ve been really itching to work with it.

My intentions with this site in the past were always aimless, which wasn’t doing anyone a favor. Moving forward I’ll be trying my hand at generating meaninful content, beginning with a walkthrough blog series and the introduction of 4 Jekyll boilerplates, which can be found on the home page under the Showcase section.


In addition to a completely redesigned home page, I wanted to kick off the new blog with a walkthrough series that basically shows you how to create your very own website with Jekyll from scratch. Spoiler alert. When you get to the end of the series, you’ll be left with a functioning blog.

Future Site Updates

Upcoming site updates will be accompanied by a summary of new futures and in some cases I may even include a little bit of a deep-dive. All site updates can be found in the “updates” category.

So there you have it. Please have a look around and enjoy your stay.