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Happy Birthday Panfilo

Published on in Hullabaloo

Wowzaas… today is Panfilo’s 11th birthday! That cat means a lot to me. He’s kind of a dick sometimes, but in his old age, he’s shaped into the ideal diabolical lap kitty.

Yep. I’m the sort of person that genuinely says “hi” to pets instead of people. I’m that weirdo that goes to the dog beach to wave at actual bitches. In any event, if you’re feeling left out because I haven’t wished you a happy birthday, call me out.

Moving on… evidently I’m the only person that wants to get trashed and watch the new season of Trailer Park Boys at midnight. I woke up really early for whatever reason and got all my day chores finished by noon, so I decided to spend the day living the trailer park life. Got the cheapest beer at the highest %ABV that I know of, and made sure to pay for it with quarters. I remembered CRV, but for some reason I didn’t take sales tax into consideration. Was short $0.20, so I kind of pulled a Sam Losco and made the cashier cover the difference. I offered to run to my car to get another quarter.

Lastly, I’m totally on track for the April 1st release. See you then <3